Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tarzans Surrender

Tarzan knows the game is up.  His trials will now begin, and his adrenalin shoots.  He moves those big arms slightly wider, away from his dagger.  His sign of surrender.  A soft, male murmur rises up from the braves, and the one behind him goes right up behind Tarzan's back.  He feels the brave's hardening groin pressed against his arse crack, and holds his position of surrender.  The brave delicately lifts Tarzan's dagger out of its sheath.  He reaches it round to Tarzan's front and runs the tip down his abdomen, from his chest to his pubes, drawing a thin line of blood.  Tarzan slowly raises his arms and widens his stance.  He's theirs.  A deafening shout of triumph goes up from the troop as the brave behind him uses Tarzan's dagger to cut away his loin cloth.  The men quickly grab Tarzan's wrists and ankles and carry him off deep, deep into the jungle for punishing ordeals of pain, exhaustion and abuse.  He suffered the same fate from these men when he was 19.  He's ready for it again now


  1. I like that the most muscular Tarzan (Mike Henry), appears to the model here.

  2. Mike Henry the best and most hairiest Tarzan ever! Total stud Apeman