Sunday, November 4, 2012

The End of Hellcats

In the Black Angels? clubhouse, Jed winched the hoist higher. There was always a last straw that broke a guy. Every man had his insurmountable obstacle, and Reynolds had met his. It was the ankle spreader. That was all. He?d taken it all, with helter-skelter bravado, bordering sometimes on enjoyment, but the clamped spread of his legs burned the naked helplessness of his manhood deep into his brain. He was beaten, and he knew he was ready to bow the knee
 in two years his motorcycle club had risen from nothing to a serious rival to the Black Angels, the ruling outfit all along this side of the state. His mob were young, fearless and tearaway. They raced and stunted, they had more fun. The Hellcats were heading for trouble, and it came at the Diamond Diner. The fight was soon over, and Reynolds had been knocked out, bundled into a van and taken back to Jed Morovitz, the Black Angels' chief. His girlfriend Nina had plenty of say in things, and he was in her bed when he came to. She did a few checks for concussion, but she wanted fun basically, and that was what he gave her. He liked girls but he?d been living with his bike mechanic Zim for a year and his big get-off lately had been tying Zim over the seat of his Ducati, flogging him and fucking him. But then Nina proved to be pretty handy with a switch herself, and Reynolds had little trouble satisfying her. The next night the boys took over. Reynolds was taken to the Angels? HQ at the derelict milling plant outside of town. Jed had made himself pretty comfortable there, and it was on his double king-size bed, surrounded by Harleys, Buells and Kawasaki Classics, that Reynolds got buggered for the first time in his life. By Jed, and his best mate Douggie. Then another guy Hense was called in to enjoy the show. Hense took charge of the bondage, and Reynolds found himself chained in a sling. Jed then fisted him as the other two looked on. When Jed was nearly elbow deep and Reynolds thought he would pass out, half dozen or so more members entered Jed?s room. It ended up as a circle jerk round the agonised Hellcats chief. When Jed finally pulled out, a redhead called Wacker took hold of Reynolds? cock. To his humiliation, he was almost hard. Wacker jacked him off, and the guys cheered. Each one of them ending up grabbing his head and shooting into his mouth this went on for a few nights on or off, but one night Jed took him into another room containing a wooden frame about 8 foot square. Jed and Douggie chained him into it, and took turns flogging him. He was in it again the next night, and Jed had him all to himself. This time with a whip. Reynolds? counted out 100 lashes. He was taken back to Nina?s for some R&R, and this was where he learned that Jed had got all the Hellcats to join the Black Angels.

The following Friday night he was chained to a glory hole back at the mill, and serviced a queue of guys for hours. He could see enough to recognise some ? they were Hellcats. He swallowed the spunk of his former clubmates, and knew his bikeclub dream had come to an end. The Black Angels had won. Someone else would have to pick up the challenge. That was when they took him into another room where the hoist and spreader waited for him. Hense chained his arms up behind his back to the hoist, face forward. Gang members came into the room, with beers, and they looked at him, chatted and laughed. Hellcats were among them. Jed entered and came up to him. He just said `You wanna join us?` Reynolds dropped his head. His resistance was gone. Jed started slapping Reynolds? balls, and said `Still holding out pal?` He carried on the soft but agonising slapping of Reynolds? defenceless balls. Reynolds grunted and sucked in his belly. Jed slapped harder, and Reynolds broke. `Yes` `What?s that?` `Yes` `Say it louder` `Yes! `
at that, Hense wheeled in Reynolds? Ducati, and the gang members made way as it was pushed through. He kicked down the stand so the bike stayed upright. Reynolds was released from the hoist and spreader, but his hands stayed cuffed behind his back. Jed pushed him over the seat of the bike, and stood by his head. Hense then flogged Reynolds? back, as Jed said `If you wanna join our gang you gotta beg for it`. The flogging went on and Reynolds begged. He said `Please Jed, I want to join` But Jed let him suffer. This threat to his authority had to be extinguished, and the only way to do that was to humiliate the upstart completely, in full view of his clubmates. There was also the problem with Nina: she?d wanted him first and, being Nina, she?d got her way. Eventually when Reynolds was slobbering and crying Reynolds was taken off the bike. Jed stripped off his jeans and sat astride Reynolds? pride and joy. Hense and Doug then lifted Reynolds onto Jed?s lap. Sitting astride the Ducati, Jed fucked its owner, one arm around Reynolds? chest, and the other jacking him off. Jed found he was liking the feeling of Reynolds? warm arsehole, not quite so tight now as it had been before he fisted it. As he pumped his groin into Reynolds he said `You wanna join boy?`, his voice quavering as he was reaching climax. Reynolds said `Yes Jed please, I?ll serve you and the Angels forever, please Jed please`. He tailed off, whispering `Please Jed, please Jed` to the man who was on his bike, with his cock up his arse and wanking him off. In front of his mates. Suddenly Jed's hot filthy cock hit some place Reynolds never knew he had, and he spurted spunk over the bright red tank of his bike, as he felt Jed shooting his spooge into him. The clubhouse was silent, except for the heavy breathing of the two men on the motorbike. `You?re in then boy` said Jed `you?re mine, and you?re never gonna forget it`. Reynolds? spunk dribbled down Jed?s greasy hand, and he gave out a silent sob, naked, fucked and humiliated, on his own machine