Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Spanking Room

The long climb to the spanking room.  All the guys knew what happened in there.  The whip had been abolished by law, but spanking of buttocks had quickly taken its place.  He would be warmed up with a hundred or so hand spanks on his underpants arse, stretched over the arm of a disgusting old sofa stained with beer and cum.  Thinking this was the end, he would get up.  But it was only the start.  His hooded spanker would sit down on the sofa, legs spread wide, and beckon him back.  Connor would look at the door, but it was locked anyway.  He slowly spread himself over the guy's knee.  And take another hundred.  He was moaning in a pain he had never known before.  His spanker would then spread Connor's legs a little wider over his knee, and reach down the back of Connor's waistband and between his legs.  He would have a good feel of his man, and stroke his cock a little.  Connor whimpered in shame.  His searing buttocks had an erotic effect on his basic instincts, and his cock hardened in the man's grasp.  But this was no tea party.  The guy removed his hand and pulled Connor's pants down, getting him to move his pelvis and legs so that the pants could come off completely and get thrown in the corner.  Another pair for the man's collection.  His hand came down hard on Connor's arse.  The hard slap resounded down the corridor and down the stairs. 
The guys heard him, and looked each other.  This was where it  started in earnest.  Connor moaned, yelped and cried as bruises turned redder, then bled.  The guy turned him round onto the other knee so that he could use his other hand.  Connor collapsed into disbelief and became quieter.  As a final flourish the guy took off Connor's leather lace necklet and gave him 55 hard little whips with it that finally broke the abrased skin in a methodical manner and pushed Connor into a new phase of the sharpest pain.  When his screams reached a certain pitch the man knew his job was done.  He pushed three fingers up Connor's arse, and with an expert, relentless motion found Connor's magic spot.  He waggled his fingers and made the naked young guy shoot all over the man's trouser leg, floor and the front of the sofa.  Connor slumped loosely over the man's knee like a broken doll.  The guy pulled his fingers out and licked them.  He reached down and scooped some cum off the sofa, and forced it into Connor's mouth.  He gagged.  The guy pushed him onto the floor and got up.  Connor looked up.  The man was standing over him.  He unzipped his fly and got his cock out.  Connor looked up again to protest, but caught a face full of piss from a big uncut cock.   Connor dropped his head and the man's strong stream of piss covered Connor's head and face completely.  The guy zipped up and walked out.  Years later Connor was still wanking on the memory of that afternoon in the spanking room

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Torture Arena of Gor

from the chainedmuscle website

A compilation of images from the story about the torture arena of gor

It didn't last

Biker Boy

From chainedmuscle website

It had been a long night, a night of spunk and pain. Encircled, pulled off his bike, stripped of his leathers, the guys had their fun in the lawless way biker blokes do. He knew somehow there was still plenty of mileage in them. He heard the clink of chains, and someone cracked a whip in the air. Oh no, no that, please not that. But he stayed quiet, and inhaled deeply. The guy standing by him tousled his hair a bit. This really was bloke fun, and if they had the mileage in them, then so did he. His cock started rising again

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Warrior and the Prince #7

from the chainedmuscle website

The Prince yells "Bring him in here I have something special planned."

The young warrior is guided into a small adjacent torture room, and forced to kneel before a deep large pit. A wooden suspension device is lowered. The adept torturers make quick work of knotting leather straps to each of his strong fingers. The ends of the straps are attached to the rings of the suspension device. Another torturer manning a winch across the room hauls the brave young man over the pit. Now suspended painfully by his fingers straps are attached to his big on each foot. The tortures make quick work of stretching his legs by the toe straps and attaching them to rings embedded in the dungeon floor.

To complete the Princes' special plan a metal device with a long chain and iron ball is fastened to his private parts. The Prince waves his hand and slowly a hot liquid soupy mix begins to fill the pit.