Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Major Greg Boyington was a US Army Air Corps fighter pilot who was racking up a prestigious dog fight win record for himself. He was still fairly fresh, though he had several kills to his name. Greg was 28 years of age and a good looking stud. He was very athletic and had played football in high school as well as excelling in baseball and wrestling. He was so good looking with his handsome face and hairy body that not only did the girls lust after him but so did many of his male friends who, nevertheless, didn't dare let him know how hot they thought he was. Greg joined the Army Air Corps to make some extra money for college after he was discharged. He reckoned that he would make it fine in the military with his skill as a great marksman and ability to fly a plane.
However, where our story begins we find Major Boyington stranded behind enemy lines after a long dog fight in which he was shot down. He had to parachute out of his plane where he safely landed in a grove of trees and was caught up in the lower branches. When he landed, the parachute caught itself and, as his body dropped a little further, his harness cinched up around his crotch broke his fall and caused Greg some discomfort. The discomfort of his bruised balls was going to be minor compared to what might happen if he got caught by the Japanese soldiers who controlled this small remote island in the Pacific Theatre. He knew he had to get out of the branches of the tree and onto solid ground and make his way to safety as quickly as possible. Greg reached into his flight suit and cut the straps to the parachute harness and he slowly crawled down the trunk of the tree. He made his way quickly and as quietly as he could and found a small trail that led toward a mountain range where he thought he could use it to help him look out for the enemy and maybe find a way off the island. Greg kept his eyes peeled and his ears opened to any and all sounds he heard.
The handsome pilot had walked a short distance when he heard the sound of about three or four guns hammer's click behind him. He knew he was in trouble now and stopped, slowly raising his hands above his head. Greg could feel his hands being pulled behind him and restrained and tied together. He was roughly turned around and felt the butt end of a rifle hit him in the stomach and knock the wind out of him. He fell to his knees in pain but was roughly pulled up and slugged four more times in the gut before being roughly pulled up again. He tried to struggle to get free only to have one of the enemy soldiers kick him in the balls, which really hurt and knocked the wind back out of him.
The soldiers laid a pole across Greg’s shoulders and retied his hands to it; he was now a prisoner of the Imperial Japanese Army. He immediately started telling himself that the only information given was to be his name rank and serial number and concentrated on this as they forced him to go with them to their compound. But, before they moved on they wanted to humiliate him somewhat, so one of the soldiers stood in front of him and unzipped his flight suit down to his waist exposing the helpless prisoner’s hairy chest- all sweaty and glistening in the sunlight. The Japanese liked to torture hairy American soldiers more than smooth chested ones and for this reason Greg was a prime capture.


  1. any guys into being flogged like this??? floggingman@gmail.com

  2. how can I read full this story???

    1. I can tell you I have a good idea how they will torture him because I know how the VC tortured fit strong hairy American flyers and other warriors in Nam. Flogging? Only the beginning of a long and agonizing torture session. Mostly it was field torture. Being smooth themselves,except for pits and pubes, Asian men enjoyed a torture that tormented a hairy American warrior through the pride of his virile hairy bod.
      He will be stripped naked totally. His ankles are roped together and his arms spreadeagled from the wrists, pulled taut as much as possible stretching his muscles and body to an agonizing degree. It's jungle hot and humid and the soliders will be sweatslicked and shirtless.
      Information is not always the object--its naked agression, men torturing men.
      Kerosene is rubbed into one of the Americans deep hairy armpit caves. Every hair coated. Then it is set alight burning into the pit by the roots, the smell of burning hair, oil and sweat mingled with his deep cries under the torture through gritted teeth and laughter of the torturers. Then the other armpit.
      Now the kerosene is rubbed on each chest hair slowly and carefull to avoid actual skin contact on the pecs. No doubt the victim would see some rock hard dicks, too. The chest forest of hair is set alight, his body bucking as much as possible under the restraints. They especially like a 100% male with hair on his abs too to burn those. And finally the ultimate prize, the pubic hair and hairy ball sack. Each hair slowly carefully coated--then set alight! Like bodybranding the penis and balls. It was the kind of torture you can only do on a man and must have been powerfully arousing to watch!