Monday, March 17, 2014

Richard The Lionhearted

The Sarge Knows What He's Doing

The sarge knows what he's doing, and his subordinate cops watch and learn.  Sarge knows he's got a tough nut here, and that's how he likes em.  The slow steady breaking of a young cocky dude.  Taking him down into the depths.  The dude will keep fairly quiet, but his knees will tremble first.  The trembling will spread through his legs and arms.  Sarge will grin as he sees him get unsteady on those big jock thighs.  Finally there will be a moan and he will fall to his knees, but knees spread wide in male defiance.  The whip will continue to land, and the guy will know he's beaten.  He will fall onto his face, spread-eagled.  The sergeant will move in and lash the guy's flattened back hard and fast with his final coda of punishment.  A bad boy

Gut Punched To Shame

Every brave was allowed six punches to the gut.  They were judged on how many times they could get him to grunt.  A groan got double points.  But Ramzah was the master.  At the first punch he got a long groan.  The second one was an agonised howl.  The third one got a softer sound which told him all he needed to know - he looked at the guy's cockhead and saw it was wet.  The fourth hit was a powerful ramcharge for victory, and Gundar was dribbling.  The fifth hit was a square low sock that connected to the guy's gonads like electric - he spurted his manmilk all over Ramzah's muscled torso, and doubled over in shame, still spunking white muck over the brown man's legs and splayed feet