Monday, September 10, 2012

Long Ride From Hell

Bayou Whip

Escaping from the chain gang was never a good idea. He’d been warned by the old lags, but young men always know better

They got him before the day was out. Tracked him down in the swamp. The white guards withdrew. Jar was left in the tender care of the four black guards. All tall, muscular and massive, beautiful specimens of their race. They took him deeper into the swamp, and on dryer ground they built a campfire as night fell. They tied him up, speadeagled between two trees, and put the branding iron in the fire in front of him. He begged and screamed deep into the night as they gutpunched him, whipped him, branded him. His screams grew hoarse and weak, and fell silent. The big men hadn’t finished. Each one took him up the arse, with their magnificent 10 inch cocks, putting their hand round his mouth to stop any further noise. They made Jar cum three times and they pierced his nipples

In the early hours they arrived back at the jail with their captive. They threw him to Taz, a black inmate as big and muscular as they. Taz made him his bitch then and there, and Jar’s scream as Taz entered him echoed throughout the jail. No-one cared. It was the public signal that the boy was now Taz’s. Taz used and abused him, and lent him back to the guards and sometimes an inmate

Jar’s life was now dominated by black cock and jizz. It was hell, but that night by the campfire deep in the bayou had taught him one thing: escaping from the chain gang was never a good idea

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ved Verdens Ende

Buddy Takes All

 The boxers had always been rivals since their teens. Obsessed with each other, with knowing all about each other, and with punishing each other.  They?d boxed in regular fights, and also bareknuckle in the forest.  After one of these they agreed that next time the winner would take the loser?s balls.  Literally.  They?d stared fiercely into each other?s eyes as Danny lay on top of him, and they both they knew they meant it and wanted it.  So here he was.  Danny had won, and Daz had lost.  Danny looked at him, eyebrows slightly raised, as if this was his last chance to bottle it.  But Daz knew this was coming.   He knew Danny was the better of the two, and would take his manhood as his prize.  He was ready.  `Take em Danny` he whispered.   Danny chained Daz? wrists behind his back, and Daz sat on the tree stump, his balls dangling over the edge.  He was hard.   So was Danny.  Danny slowly jacked Daz, and looked at him questioningly.  `Yeah, it?s alright, my last wad?s all yours buddy` he said, and Danny had jacked him.  He did it right ? Daz whispered `I?m there mate` and as he began to shoot his load Danny took his left hand away from the spurting cock and took hold of Daz? ballsac.  Without hesitation he said `got em buddy`, and with his right hand he sliced off Daz? balls with the hunting knife.  He stuffed his prize in his jeans and pressed Daz? boxers against the wound to staunch the bleeding.  Daz was still dribbling cum.  He?d given his manhood up to his pal, and he knew Danny would take his girl.  He knew that he wouldn?t womanise ? testosterone pills would check that, and the loss of his balls would help him develop his body.  He would still be a prize bull, but one that now belonged totally to Danny