Friday, January 31, 2014


The young American army captain was captured behind eney lines.  He ws taken to a secret location where he was stripped of his uniform.  Hiss hairy young body was chained up.  The interrogator came in and told him how he would be tortured.  First it was the branding of the german mark on his shoulder.

Then very slowly and painstakingly his soft hairy cock was played with and abused until he was made had.  This was only the beginning of the torture to come.

A Tacit Agreement

It was the kind of arrangement that worked well between men.  The CO was a closet case, and besotted by Corporal Gunnarsen on the left.  Gunnarsen for his part was a bondage top, and especially into whipping guys.  Straight guys, hard guys, well-built guys, the sort who could take it with no fuss and minimum noise.  The military churned them out by the raftload.  The CO would call Gunnarsen into his private quarters, kneel down before him and unzip his camo fly.  Then, his hero holding his automatic rifle at his hip and staring vacantly thru the window at the shirtless men doing push-ups and back raises on the drill ground outside, the CO would milk his corporal's load down into his throat.  Gunnarsen would shake off any excess sperm onto the CO's thin carpet, zip up and give a name.  `Private Bruce from Company `A` sir`.  A slight nod from the CO, and Bruce was Gunnarsen's