Friday, August 5, 2011

Interrogation of Private Mike

Mike is horrified, hanging by his wrists which are tightly bound with steel cable to some type of barbed fencing his friend. Slater's feet barley touching he floor it is obvious he is doing everything he can to keep his back from touching the sharp spiked barbs.

The interrogator puts his arm around Mike's shoulder, "Very unpleasant I am afraid", and we have another frame that waits for you. Pointing across the room the guard forces Mike over to the frame and one by one twists pieces of cable around Mike's spread eagled wrists and thighs.

The interrogator has a brief conversation with the Major while his assistant connects heavy electrical cables to the maniacal device. The guard takes his hand and rubs it against Slaters firm ass. Slater's involuntary reaction is to squirm away.

"SHIT!" his back painfully rubs up against the razor sharp tips of the fencing. The guard laughs and while finishing his connections amuses himself playing with the motionless Privates butt. The interrogator looks over at his henchman and nods a nod of disapproval, and the man stops his toying and finishes his task.

The guard moves over to mike and wires his frame up.

The interrogator finishes his conversation with the Major, takes a long length of wire attached to some type of switch from his assistant, and walks up to the sweat drenched Private.

"Mike, do you like games?"

Mike says nothing. Bewildered at the Privates nonresponse, "there is no harm in answering this question surely, I repeat do you like games". Still no response, the interrogator just continues on. "Well we are going to play a little game, like your American game shows", he thinks for a minute, "Ahh, aah" speaking to himself, "what is that American game show", clearly overheard by the Major, who responds "Jeopardy".

"Yes thank you Major that is the show, Jeopardy" looking at Mike, "you know this show?".

Mike thinks to himself "has this man gone insane, torturing us and talking of game shows" he answers, "Yes I fucking know the damn show".

The interrogator a bit annoyed "no reason to use profanity, it is a reasonable question".

Stepping a bit closer to Mike, "well this is a variation of the show, I hold the buzzer, I ask you a question, you have exactly 5 seconds to answer me, should you decide not to answer me I will press the buzzer this very special buzzer" Mike responds "and I get shocked", the interrogator very politely "please let me finish, NO, your friend over there" pointing to Slater, "gets a slight shock, no need to worry the shock is mild, for now but it will be enough to cause his muscles to convulse and that will be very painful restrained against that fencing"

Mike takes in deep breath and as he exhales he can feel the barbs behind him pricking his naked body.

The interrogator watching Mike's face contort continues on "painful is it not, well there is more to this game for each incorrect answer we will up the current a bit, this will continue until you either give me the correct answer or your friends back is ripped to shreds".

"You bastard"

Again the interrogator reminds Mike to watch his language, "I will be fair, we will let you play for a bit and then we will give Private Slater a turn.

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