Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blond Hero

Blond Hero knew he was in for it when he fell into this brave's mantrap.  The guy is expert with the knife, and he'll carve his name on hero's chest as a permanent memento.  That rare and highly-prized cheetah skin brief was an error.  That will be carefully removed, for brave's own wardrobe.  And hero's foreskin.  Painful, but not humiliating.  A sign in fact of admiration, from one man to another.  They'll look one another closely in the eye as that razor-sharp knife removes its trophy of manhood.  The brave's tribe circumcises boys at birth, so to own the foreskin of a big white warrior is a prize beyond price.  He'll make the guy his slave for a while, but the similarity in ideals, build, age and self-interest will assert itself.  The blond and his captor will become blood brothers, covering each other's back in battle and sharing their women.  But brave will always get first pick.  One false move and hero knows that his brother-in-arm's knife will claim his balls.  With speedy vengeance

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